The Warrior Moms Prayer Hub

One Will Chase A Thousand, Two Will Chase Ten Thousand.

When Ten Thousand women gather to pray for their children, the possibilities are LIMITLESS.

Welcome to the Warrior Moms Prayer Hub

‘I am Tomi Adisa and I celebrate your decision to pray for your children. You are indeed a Warrior Mom. Your generation will call you blessed.

The Warrior Moms Prayer Hub is a movement to raise Mothers who are instructed to live purposefully, fired up to raise burning altars for their children and equipped for effective parenting.

The Hub is the result of the first edition of the 31 days Prayer Challenge in June; 2020 when mothers met offline and online to pray passionately for their children and generations unborn.

Our faith and strength is in God. Our numbers is also a huge advantage because we know two are better than one. We are a community of mothers and mothers to be standing hand in hand to see the will of God done in the lives of our children.

If this sounds like the kind of community you like to be part of, I can’t wait to welcome you!

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The Warrior Moms Prayer Hub

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Tomi Adisa’s Invitation

I specially invite you to join The 31 DAYS PRAYER CHALLENGE

The 31 Days Prayer Challenge

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of the 31 Days Prayer Challenge.

The challenge is a period of time we dedicate to seeking the face of God for our children individually and collectively.

You must agree with me that parenting is a tough assignment with many unpredictable curves. This is why we must daily depend on the Holy Spirit to help us be the mother God needs us to be.

 This edition will hold from the 1st of November to the 1st of December. We will pray from 9pm to 9:30pm everyday.

I encourage you to join the Warrior Moms Prayer Hub so you are in the company of women who are participating in the Challenge. Iron sharpens iron.

 Invite every woman that you know! Single or Married.  Every woman with a burden for the younger generation is a mother; the heart of a woman is the true womb. Without a right heart; a woman is reduced to a baby factory.

Ministering at this edition are

  • Pastor Mildred Okonkwo of the David Christian Center. 
  • Pastor Robyn Paul of Centerport Abuja.
  • Pastor Debola Deji Kurunmi of Deborahs Initiative.
  • Pastor Isi Igenegba of The People of Influence.

The 31 days Prayer Challenge will cause you to come into higher dimensions of motherhood. Motherhood is in levels. There are mothers who raise Kings and there are Mothers who raise mere men. You are shifting levels this month in Jesus name.

To register for the challenge, please fill the form below.

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